Virtual Call Center Jobs - Apply Easier with StrongHire

Virtual callcenter jobs almost always put you through a grueling application process. That gets easier with Stronghire. Our browser extension let's you re-use your answers from previous applications. We also find new virtual callcenter jobs based on where you've applied before.

Virtual Call Center Jobs are Within Reach

As the number of virtual call center jobs grows, so do the number of questions you need to answer in the job application. How's your bandwidth? Can your system handle voice calls over the internet? Stronghire stores your answers in your browser so next time you just pick an old response and enter it right into the form. This time technology is on your side.

Apply easily

When you find a job application form on the web use our browser extension to store your info as you enter it. When you find a new job application, just insert your old answers into the new form with a click.

Find the best jobs for you

The data in your job application means you've got the skills for another job we know about, you'll get a notification and you'll only have to answer new questions, not the ones you've answered dozens of times already.

Stand out from the crowd

Coming soon: Stronghire verifies the data you use in your application so that employers have confidence in it. And when it indicates your a great fit, we'll add a third party recommendation to your application.

In a nutshell, Stronghire is the tool that empowers you to find and apply to the right jobs faster.

Stronghire goes to work when you apply

Here are the nuts and bolts of how we help you get a job faster and easier

  • Whenever you get to a job application form on the web, you activate Stronghire from your browser
  • Stronghire inserts your basic information into the form
  • For questions that are free form or aren't as obvious as an email address, you just select the answer from your profile that you want to insert

How does Stronghire work?

It's pretty dang easy.


Add our browser extension

When you download our browser extension and turn it on, any job application data you submit will be saved to your Stronghire profile.


Receive matching jobs

We check all the jobs that our users apply to and match them to the info in your profile. If we find a fit, we'll send you an email with a link to the new job application.


Apply easily

When you get to the new job application, we prefill all of your data. You review it, answer any new questions, submit, and your done!

Whenever we see a job like one you've already applied for, we notify you right away

The difference between Stronghire and Indeed, LinkedIn, and other major job sites is that we don’t restrict the jobs we notify you about to the ones in our network. Every time someone applies to a job using our tools, we log that job, match it to the applicants in our database and notify them immediately. 

You might be missing out on a big pay raise

Don't limit yourself. Research suggests that not knowing about jobs that you're qualified for can cost you as much as twice what you're already making When Stronghire finds you a match with a higher paying job, we let you know.


Virtual Admin


Remote Customer Support

Have Questions about Stronghire?

We have written down answers to some of the frequently asked questions. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ping us on chat or email as at

How is Stronghire different from Linkedin and Indeed?


Linkedin and Indeed only make it easy to apply to their jobs. Stronghire works for any web based job application you can find. That means that when you're a part of our network, you get access to all the jobs on one single service.

How much does Stronghire cost?


You pay for Stronghire on a subscription basis. Your first week is free, but after that it’s $35/month. Most of the hires on our network happen within three months of the application. You can cancel at any time.

What control will I have over my data?


All the control that you want. We store your data in a Stronghire profile which is 100% controlled by you. You can delete, change, or update it at any time.

How do you match me to jobs?


We do several things. First, we notify you anytime we encounter a job with a role that matches that of a job you’ve applied to before. So if you applied to an Inside Sales job or a Junior Bookkeeper job in the past, we’ll notify you any time we have a new Inside Sales or Junior Bookkeeper job. We also analyze both the questions on a job application form (if one is available) and the requirements from the job description. When those questions and requirements match a significant number of the answers in your job application profile, we’ll notify you there as well.

What kind of jobs is Stronghire good for?


Stronghire supports any kind of job, but much of our user base currently includes business process workers. These kinds of jobs include callcenter jobs, online customer service jobs, virtual call center jobs, virtual administrative assistant jobs, and remote chat jobs. We also find that we’re a great fit for work from home jobs for military spouses, live chat operator jobs, remote bookkeeper jobs, and home-based jobs of any kind. That’s because these sorts of jobs frequently rely on extremely lengthy online screens where Stronghire’s ability to re-use old application info is particularly valuable.

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes

Just download the browser extension and get to work