About Us

Our mission is to help you build a company people love.

About Us

We started Stronghire because too many job sites fail to capture the unique capabilities and qualifications of anyone but those at the top of the professional ladder. Stronghire is different because we let you hold on to all of your job application and screening data, we send you only to the jobs where you have a great shot at landing an interview and make sure that employers understand what’s great about you.

Our Founders

Anand Hattiangadi

Anand was an early contributor to product and strategy at Upwork, where he learned how an online marketplace can change the world for the better. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, he spent most of his childhood in Mumbai before returning to study Philosophy at Stanford. He worked as a software engineer at Intuit and Sun Microsystems before returning to Stanford to earn an MS in Management Science and Engineering. He lives in Mountain View California with his family, which includes a very well behaved poodle.


Tim ran the product team at Caring.com, the premier destination for finding the best housing and services for aging adults, and learned how powerful finding the right fit for the right person at right time can be. Born in Connecticut, he graduated from Boston University, worked for several years in editorial before joining the Public Library of Science (PLoS), a revolutionary scientific publisher, and discovered his love and talents for tech and product. He lives in Oakland with his family and enjoys golf, skiing, and volunteer work.